A Comparison With The Biggest Esports Games

The popularity of the eSport now it generates more and more interest, here is a comparison between the major eSports on the market!


Video games are becoming more and more popular every year and more and more players are making their way into virtual worlds. Gambling is no longer just a hobby for many.

Professional players are making their way into professional esports and competing against each other in competitions for sometimes high cash prizes, and to find out more see 1xbit reviews and promo code.

The popularity of esports games now generates more revenue than the film and music industry.

But just as great as the popularity of the best esports games is the selection of different genres and games. But what are the biggest esports games and where can you earn the highest cash prize?

First let’s see what CS: GO is.

What is CS: GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, widely known as CS: GO, is a competitive first-person shooter game. CS: GO is the latest version of the Counter Strike series and has attracted an average of 11 million users per month since its launch in 2012.

CS: GO was released on Windows, OS X, Xbox 360 and PlayStation, but all pros play on PC.

How does CS: GO work?

The game pits two teams of five players against each other, with each team having to complete certain objectives to win.

One team assumes the role of the Terrorists (Ts), while the other team is that of the Anti-Terrorists (CT).

There are several game modes available, but professional esports matches are always played in competitive five-on-five (5-on-5) mode.

In this mode, attacking T’s must either plant and detonate a bomb in a specific location – site A or B – or eliminate all five TCs to win a round.

TCs must defuse the bomb when placed or eliminate all five T’s to win the round.

Each game consists of 30 rounds in total, with rounds lasting up to one minute and 55 seconds.

The most popular esports games: what are they?

With the growing popularity of esports games, the number of professional players also changes regularly.

As a result, the popularity ranking is constantly changing and it is quite difficult to answer the question which is the most popular esports game at the moment.

1. Counter-Strike: global offensive



In the classic first-person strategic shooter game mode there is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), two teams of five players each compete against each other as terrorists and counter-terrorists.

Unlike most other shooter everything, a player who is killed in action cannot immediately resume the game here. Those who are killed can only support their team again in the next game round of a competition.

In two different possible game scenarios, teams are assigned different missions:

Bomb defusing: the terrorist team tries to plant a bomb in one of the predetermined zones and watch it long enough for the timer to go off. The goal of the counterterrorists is to eliminate the terrorist team before they can plant their bomb or prevent the explosion by defusing the bomb.

Rescue of hostages: There are two immobile hostages on the side of the terrorists and the counter-terrorism team must rescue at least one of the hostages and take him to the hostage rescue zone.

Players carrying a hostage cannot shoot and move slower. If an anti-terrorist is eliminated during a rescue operation, the terrorists can return the hostage to its original location.

Victory is possible even if the respective enemy team is completely eliminated.

A special feature of CS: GO it’s steep learning curve compared to other shoots everything firsthand.

The large number of tactical play positions of the different maps, grenades and weapons, all of which have a different spread at the time of fire, makes the whole shoot extremely demanding and challenges even experienced players.

The most important key facts about Counter Strike Global Offensive:

  • Genre: Shoot everything in first person
  • More than 10,000 professional players
  • Studio: Valve Corporation
  • First version: 21.08.2012
  • Age Rating: USK 16

2. League of Legends (League of Legends)

In the game “League of Legends” real-time strategy, two teams compete against each other on a classic MOBA map.

Each team consists of five out of a total of over 150 different selectable characters (champions), each of which takes on one of five available roles: Toplane, Midlane (Carry), ADC (Attack Damage Carry), Support and Jungler.

Each available champion has four different abilities and requires different tactics. Players of each role compete in their playing positions against the same roles as the opposing team.

The goal is to take over the opposing team by destroying the targets as a team and then penetrate their base and destroy their nexus.

The most important key data on League of Legends:

  • Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)
  • 7,130 professional players
  • First version: 27.10.2009
  • Studio: Riot Games
  • Age Rating: USK 12

3. Fortnite

The original hype about the release of Battle Royale “Fortnite” shoot-all is not dead yet. The playing principle of the eSports game is simple: a total of 100 players compete against each other on a huge map. The last survivor wins.

Unlike other Battle Royale titles, however, Fortnite specifically focuses on obtaining various resources and building structures. These can create a tactical advantage in fighting other players or provide cover.

The most important key facts about Fortnite:

  • Genre: Battle Royale
  • More than 4,000 professional players
  • First version: 25.07.2017
  • Studio: Epic games, people can fly
  • Age Rating: USK 16