a bad blow to the stock market

Devolver Digital is one of the publishers who have bet a lot on the indie scene and on the proposals that come out of the ordinary, it is enough to see their broadcasts in important events to confirm that their style is far from the traditional, in fact thanks to them it is possible to discover interesting proposals that do not we would find nowhere else. However, it is not a company that swims in money and is very influenced by the market trend, the proof of this can be found with the current value of its shares.

Devolver Digital: a bad time

Although the event of Devolver Digital dedicated to Summer Game Fest 2022 has been excellent with captivating titles, the financial reality of the company is far from what it might seem. The company announced shortly after the unveiling that it would lower its video game sales expectations, a decision that resonated strongly on the stock market. According to several reports, Devolver shares fell by 47% in the AIM submarket in London, England, the only one in which it is listed, all after reporting that sales of recent games have been “slow” leading to a reorganization of expectations for the current fiscal year.

Devolver Digital explained the situation in an official statement: “Sales of the new games released in the first five months of fiscal year 2022 have been slower than expected, all while reflecting on the best launch windows and specific factors for each title. At the same time, we expect an increase in depreciation costs related to these higher investment games, as well as increases in general operating expenses due to inflation, personnel and marketing ”.

Devolver Digital

Despite the above the company expects its finances to recover in the second half of the current fiscal year, its revenue and profit expectations remain positive hoping that the strategies applied and a possible increase in video game sales will resolve the current situation. economic.

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