72% of users are satisfied with the old service, according to a Sony survey

Sony’s latest financial report is a wealth of information. There are many news regarding PlayStation contained in the document. One, in particular, concerns PlayStation Plus. The service is in transition. New subscription plans already launched in Asia. Little by little, the various Essentials, Extra and Deluxe tiers will also arrive in Europe. But before all this happened and the world discovered what the elusive Spartacus was, Sony conducted a survey among its users to ask their degree of satisfaction in using the service.

A few specifications before seeing the results. Sony does not state the extent of the sample or the precise period within which the survey was conducted. One thing is certain, it certainly cannot refer to the new service which made its debut only a few hours ago in Asia.

In addition, the questions, according to what is reported in the document, seem to have been addressed only to subscribers on the PlayStation 4 platform. Regarding the results: nearly three-quarters of respondents (72%) said they were at least satisfied with PlayStation Plus. Of the total, 21% are satisfied, 18% very satisfied and 33% (one third of total subscribers) are extremely satisfied with PlayStation Plus.


Another report, slightly earlier than the latter, also informs us of a decline in the number of subscribers which has fallen to around 47.4 million in all. The company, however, does not appear to be worried. With the debut in Asia it seems there were also the first problems. Some users complained about a request for an adjustment from Sony to access the Extra and Platinum subscription tiers despite the initial promises that provided for the continuity of the service until the natural expiration of the previous subscription. The problem, the company says, has already been solved.

What do you think about it? Are you satisfied with the service offered? Do you think the PS Plus can still improve?

Source: Sony