35 minutes of playing Capes superhero drag

As part of Daedalic Days 2023, we also tried out a demo of the upcoming tactical game in Hamburg Capes. It takes the superhero theme, but modifies it slightly. It will place us in a world where the supervillains have won, the world is controlled by corporations and any abilities are outlawed. If a young person shows skills, a commando will immediately come for him. However, all is not lost yet.

One hero remained and decided to train a new generation to fight against oppression. We had the opportunity to try a few missions, where we looked at a few characters from this new generation. Capes is heavily inspired by the classics of the genre, such as XCOM, but also adds something of its own, especially superpowers.

each character has its own abilities and its own statistics, which you have to reckon with in battle and also when moving. Gameplay consists of using points for movement and then points for actions, while unused points are converted into energy. If you collect enough of it, you can also use special attacks. Some characters are more suitable for defense, others for attack. You have to get to know them so well that you can use the abilities correctly so that you take as little damage as possible. At the same time, you can also help the environment.

You can also combine the abilities of the characters appropriately. If you have enough points and the characters are properly set up within the environment, you can combine the abilities of two characters, thanks to which you will deal more damage to the enemies, but also these attacks look very good. Overall, Capes is a very good looking game for only a small team behind it. It’s a shame that the demo didn’t show the dubbing as well. The game will offer complete dubbing, but it has not yet been included in the demo.

Capes is coming to PC and consoles sometime this year, but we don’t know a release date yet.