2K Games, the support site has been hacked, players’ accounts at risk

The 2K Games support site went offline due to a hacker attack that allowed external parties to steal user emails and use them for phishing

Following a hacker attack on the support site from 2K Gamesthe well-known publisher is alerting users to beware of suspicious emails that could be from phishing. At the moment the support site from 2K is not accessible due to ongoing maintenance.

2K Games external media has been hacked. 2K support warns that phishing emails may have been sent to players and that the support site is offline due to maintenance

Below is part of the press release from 2K Games which alerts users to what’s going on:

In the early morning we realized that an unauthorized third party had illegally accessed the credentials of one of the suppliers that manages the help desk support platform for our customers. The unauthorized entity has never sent players with malicious links. Please don’t open those emails or otherwise click on the links you get from 2K Games support.

In case you have clicked on suspicious links, 2K recommends that you take some security precautions which include: resetting the passwords saved in the browser, allowing two-factor authentication on any account in your possession and finally having your computer scanned by an antivirus.

Here is the 2k support tweet explaining what happened and giving indications on what to do in case you receive suspicious emails:

the 2K Games support site communicates to users via Twitter what is happening and how to defend themselves

For the moment supporo site a 2K games is offline and the publisher will send a communication as soon as it comes back online.

2K support handles most of the titles from publisher 2K Gamesincluded Borderlands, Civilization, WWE 2K, NBA 2K, and more. 2K is a Rockstar related company under Take-Two Interactive, otherwise Rockstar manages all the support part at home, so Grand Theft Auto 5 or Red Dead Redemption 2 players are not involved in the problem.

nba 2k23, the well-known game of 2k Games

As we report here, Rockstar had other security issues with the GTA 6 leaks, however. During the weekend, images, videos and links to material related to a still primitive version of Grand Theft Auto 6 was stolen and made public online. Rockstar confirmed that the leak actually occurred and was caused by a “network intrusion”. The hacker in question dealt with a series of intrusions in 2022 that include Uber, Microsoft, Samsung, Nvidia. And now the FBI has also been involved.

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 6 has been shown in some leaks