12 year old boy becomes a millionaire thanks to his whale drawings sold on OpenSea

Credits: New York Post

Benyamin Ahmed is a 12-year-old boy who has been attracting a lot of attention lately thanks to his cryptocurrency assets. The London boy, in fact, would have accumulated the equivalent of at least a million dollars in cryptocurrencies thanks to its NFT collectioncomposed entirely of balen drawingsand in pixel art. Not a small achievement, considering that still several people are strangers to this world.

The collection in question is called NFT Weird Whales and, as the name suggests, it contains only cetacean drawings. The little boy shared all his creations on the famous NFT marketplace called NFT OpenSeawhich boasts important figures at stake. We are talking about about 1,900 ETH, equal to almost 4 million dollars.

Of these 4 million, the ShlashGear site estimates, about one million are in the hands of Benyamin Ahmed, amaze many users. And the best part is, the kid doesn’t have a bank account, and all his earnings are still in the form of cryptocurrency.


“There is definitely a risk that all the value could vanish, but I don’t need the money at the moment”Ahmed explains in an interview with the New York Post. “I am convinced that the prices of cryptocurrencies will increase significantly in the future“.

Still, these whales didn’t come out of nowhere. The illustrations had in fact also been covered by The New York Times.

From there, the popularity of the designs would increase over time. In total, Benyamin Ahmed made 3,350 images depicting whales. The increasing popularity then allowed Ahmed to work on other collections, collaborating with designers who in the past have worked for Disney and Marvel. In short, little names.

NFT is a rather early world and no one can predict whether it will catch on or become a huge flop with multimillion-dollar losses. For example, the person who bought the first message from the co-founder of Twitte now risks losing almost all the investment made.

The gaming world is also thinking about it. Ubisoft for example is working on the Quartz platform. While other realities such as Blizzard Entertainment and Square Enix have flatly given their opposite opinion.

Source: New York Post