10 NES games that you should be ashamed of if you haven’t played

If you consider yourself a gamer, there are certain titles that inevitably you must have tried once in your life. These are games considered real “Masterpiece” and not having played them should make you feel some discomfort and, why not, a bit of shame as well. So just because you love you here’s one series of articles where I will list the titles that if you have never played you should be really ashamed. I say one series because the consoles released in history are so many so it seems right to do a sort of subdivision.

Let’s start with the never too praised and praised Nintendo NESthe one who could be considered the mother of all the consoles to come, but above all the one who managed to put a patch on all the mess she had made ATARI a few years before … you don’t know anything about it? Well, this will be material for a future article! Before leaving I want to clarify one thing, the “I find it absolutely unacceptable that title X is not present!” or “I’m really baffled that you didn’t put title Y”are comments that don’t make sense, if I didn’t mention something that you think should have been there, just leave a comment below and say why it had to be mentioned at all costs!

Super Mario Bros. 3

We start in a really obvious way, perhaps too much. Super Mario Bros. 3 it’s simply the coolest video game out there Nintendo NES without ifs and buts. There are no subjective issues, simply because he has ideas that are still used today by all video games such as the map to explore the worlds. He is an absolute prodigy of technique both from the point of view graphic that sound and i can tell you if you play it today it’s damn fun. Not only if you’ve never played Super Mario Bros. 3 you should be ashamed, but you should really change hobbies and maybe switch to knitting.

Small curiosity, in the West Super Mario Bros. 3 is presented thanks to the film, which was simply a commercial disguised as a feature film, The Little Great Wizard of Videogames (we have already talked about it in the past).

The Legend of Zelda


Shigeru Miyamoto he was a child who enjoyed exploring unknown places and caves. Thanks to his passion and curiosity, he was able to lay the foundations for what would become one of the most famous sagas in the world so as to be synonymous with Action RPG; I’m talking about the saga of Zelda. Leave and you have the whole world to explore. From a certain point of view we could almost call it the first game open world always, since there were no stakes for exploration. It must be admitted that playing it today is a bit pesantucciobut at least out of respect for such a legendary saga, a match must be made.

Here too fact. The Legend of Zeldawith its golden cartridge, it was the first title in the world to give the possibility to save our progress thanks to a backup battery integrated.



We are in an age where racing games have to jump through hoops to give the feeling of speed. To have a real racing game, without having to go out into the world PC or Arcadewe will have to wait at least the Super Nintendo. However Excitebike represents the most successful and fun racing game on the gray box of Nintendo. The controls are extremely simple and this is the secret behind the title, in fact a couple of games were enough to understand how it works.

Oh well come on let’s put a fact for each title and close it here. Excitebike it was also created by Shigeru Miyamoto and not only that, the controls of this motorcycle game were an inspiration for nothing less than the first Super Mario Bros..



In a world where you complain that Dark Souls, Bloodborne And Elden Ring they are too difficult, I invite you to try Contra and inventing new blasphemies to add to your colorful vocabulary. In Contra the concept was simple, take the pad and start shooting everything that moves on the screen. End. Ah, you have to dodge even bullets, one shot and you’re dead.

In Europe known as Probotectorsince you cannot show people killing other people on the screen (someone think of children for heaven’s sake), Contra it is a title absolutely to be played and then it must be said that the cover is one of the greatest plagiarisms in history (even if wonderful). In fact we have: Schwarzenegger in Commando, Stallion in Rambo is one Xenomorph from Alien on background. Virtually the dream of every nerdy child born in the 80s.

The curiosity about Contra it’s about the infamous Konami Code. In fact, if you pressed on the pad on, below, below, left, right, left, right, B., TO, Start in the title screen, you could get them 30 lives. Contra it was not the first title to have the Konami Codebut it was certainly what made him famous because of his difficulty.

Punch-Out !!


We are in the 80s and the world is obsessed with the saga of Rocky before and the explosion of Mike Tyson after. Thanks to these two things, the sport of boxing it becomes super popular for a time. Your name is Nintendo and by profession you create video games, so why not try to make a title on this noble art?

Having said that only the boxing very little to do, because Punch-Out !! it’s a game where you don’t need to punch, but it’s much more fundamental dodge and understand what our opponent will do. A formula that will last for years to come because it’s fun and it works.

Between one match and another, the cut scenes are used (if we can call them up NES). When the protagonist Little Macruns around the city this is a clear reference to the Italian Stallion, Rocky Balboa.



One of the many titles that up NES she succeeded, along with Castlevaniato invent a genre, namely that of metroidvania. A concept that still manages to resist today and if you notice it is still present in many titles indie and not only. In fact, the last chapter of the saga, Metroid Dread, is basically this, but it is very funny… there will be a reason, or am I wrong?

Samusthe heroine of Metroidwas the world’s first example of a female main character in a video game, well before the beautiful archaeologist Lara Croft.

Duck Tales


If you are a former child of the 80s you can’t miss one of the most beautiful series Disney ever, that is Duck Tales. Well, know that they have made a truly exceptional platform video game out of it. A gameplay extremely funny and with a graphics, for the time, really to leave us the eyes. In addition to this the possibility of going through the levels a bit as we wanted, since, unlike other exponents of the genre, these were not linear. Simply one of the best licensed titles ever

Curiosity isn’t really about the version NES from Duck Tales, but on his remake released a few years ago. In fact in the 2013, Capcom released a remake of this beautiful platform, which all in all did not sell very well. After a few years, upon the announcement of the withdrawal from the market, the price copies in circulation skyrocketed.

Duck Hunt


This is if you bought a NES at the end of 80s / early 90s inevitably you had to have it, because included in the most famous bundle ever together, in the same cartridge, a Super Mario Bros. . What did you have to do in Duck Hunt? Thanks to your trusty Zapper (i.e. the reproduction of a pistol sold together with the Nintendo NES) you had to shoot all the ducks. Retrieving it nowadays is a bit difficult as the technology used to make the Zapper it was just for CRT TVcome on go see if there is one left in your grandmother’s house!

But you know that Duck Hunt didn’t it start out as a videogame? Indeed Duck Hunt is the videogame transposition of a toy created by the great N, before he started making video games. Yes even before Nintendo’s famous love motels… but this as they say is another story.

Double Dragon


Double Dragon is one of those titles that I carry in my heart, since I practically started my videogame career with this game, you can well understand that when my child I discovered his presence also on NESI became a ball and chain for my parents to make me buy a copy.

Created by Technos the purpose was simple, in fact we had to take a punches And kicks all the enemies that stood in front of us (yes, ok, also a elbows). It must be said that the comparison with the version arcade it’s really pitiless since the computing power is really too different and made it feel almost a totally different title.

Always in the film The Little Great Wizard of Videogamesbetween Jimmy And Haleyat the bus stop, a challenge starts to whoever scores the most points for the cabin cruiser Double Dragon (indeed, in the Italian version, al Double Dragon). However the version shown is not that arcadebut that for NES.



We close with a flourish and always on the trend “Dark Souls difficulty move a moment”. The fever of Ninja Turtles it is very high all over the world. Exit: cartons, toys, trading cards, movie And video games all dedicated to Turtles (among other beautiful also for NESI have not included them just because I am more fond of these 10, but they are worth recovering).

There RARE (yes, the same as Sea of ​​Thieves And Donkey Kong Country) decides it’s time to copy, but don’t sort of. What’s now? Simple! The turtles with the frogs and instead of Shredder let’s put a villain quite a lot breasted (which is always nice). Result? One of the best titles ever released on consoles Nintendo. Scary graphics and a gameplay deadly… eh no, I have never managed to pass the level of the flying bike.

Battletoads born on NESbut later it was also brought on the competition of SAW. These in many know it, what you probably don’t know is that there is a very rare arcade version where RAREfreed of control by Nintendodecided to increase its violence to the point of touching the levels touched by Mortal Kombat. I want to see it live… NOW!