The Witcher 3: Chill Out Mod,  drop the sword, time to relax

The Witcher 3

Geralt is an extremely busy hero. He is constantly running with heavy swords from one end of Skellige to the other, and often hitting multiple monsters or villains along the way. Fortunately, a mod was made for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which will allow him to finally rest.

Chill Out, as the mod is called by crthdr, adds a lot of places where the Butcher of Blaviken can sit and rest. He can even light a pipe or candles, eat something good, drink a drink, and even be awake to speed up the time around. Everything was presented in the video below.

Most often, special places to activate a new form of interaction can be found in taverns. At least in each of them, at one of the tables, you should be able to sit down, and then use signs to jump between Geralt’s activities.

You can download Chill Out Mod from here.