Resident Evil: Code Veronica gets an (unofficial) “demake”.

 Resident Evil: Code Veronica

An (unofficial) remake is also underway.

Nothing has been confirmed, but rumor has it that Capcom – after second and third – ignores Code Veronica and instead does a remake of Resident Evil 4 . Fortunately, fans can be trusted when Capcom (possibly) betrays, and this year a fancy remake of Resident Evil: Code Veronica will be released.

Now a new gang, Wiliammutazion , has announced an unofficial demake of the horror adventure that saw the light of day on Dreamcast 22 years ago. However, this demake does not look to Dreamcast but rather aims for a PS1 feel. In other words, it means locked camera angles, pre-rendered backgrounds, and decently blocky polygon models.

If you want to keep up with developments, a Discord channel has been kicked off for the demake.