Modder connected GTA 5 and Batman: Arkham Knight it turned out amazing.

GTA 5 and Batman

YouTuber JulioNIB is a relatively well-known personality in the GTA 5 community. For example, he gave the world Kong’s battle against Godzilla and Mechagodzilla. But those were flowers.

The new JulioNIB project is a full-fledged transfer to GTA 5 of the protagonist of the Batman: Arkham game series with all his features, including a fleet of incredible cars, numerous torture instruments, and corporate identity with mesmerizing combinations of blows.

The modification is still in closed testing, but a lot has already been implemented in it. Batman not only beautifully maims local gangsters with custom animations but also gives them new experiences with Batarangs and electric gloves. And he can fly too!

If the Dark Knight finds longing, then he can arrange a small war in Los Santos using heavy equipment. So far, he has access to a tank-like Batmobile with machine guns and missiles, as well as a unique aircraft capable of autonomous combat. A nice addition will be the hooks, to which the bodies of opponents cling and are dragged with the breeze after the car.

Now the modification is available only in early access and only to the author’s subscribers on Patreon.