Elden Ring: A mod adds photo mode and removes chromatic aberration

Elden Ring Photo Mod

Thanks to a mod for the PC version of Elden Ring you can use an unofficial photo mode with which to capture the most epic moments of your adventure.

Elden Ring has only been available for a week but the modders have already got to work. For example, user Otis_Inf recently released a mod that introduces an unofficial photo mode to the game, allowing you to take screenshots while admiring glimpses from the Interregnum or during a boss fight.

The mod works in all respects like the photo modes seen in many games, with some obvious limitations due to its amateur nature, such as the absence of filters, but the options are not lacking. Once activated, it is possible to pause the game, move and rotate the camera at will, control the direction of the sun’s rays, make enemies and the HUD invisible, change the FOV, and more.


  • Camera control: (Also in cut scenes)
  • FoV control
  • Free unlimited camera movement and rotation
  • Timestop / game pause control
  • Camera paths support (‘dolly cam’) for defining moving camera trajectories for movies.
  • Game speed control (slow-motion, speed up)
  • Frameskip
  • HUD toggle
  • Pillarbox/letterbox removal in custom aspect ratios
  • Vignette removal
  • Chromatic Aberration (CA) removal
  • Higher LODs
  • Setting for being invisible to enemies
  • Sun light direction control (pseudo Time of Day)

Furthermore, another interesting aspect of the mod is that, if desired, it disables the effects of the chromatic aberration of Elden Ring, which not everyone particularly appreciates. If you are interested you can download it from this address. The advice as usual and not to activate it if you play online, as the anti-cheat system could ban you.