BeamNG Drive: Crown Victoria mod now available.

Crown Victoria Mod

The 1998-2011 Crown Victoria mod has been released for BeamNG Drive by Maxy_к9-Fυяяу.

Here is the testing video of the new Crown Victoria mod:


  • Tachometer will now rev up to 7,000RPM when an engine revs over 6,000RPM.
  • Speedometer will stop at 140MPH and no longer loop around.
  • Water Temp gauge adjusted.
  • Tire Pressure light moved to correct location.


  • Gas, Brake, and Parking brake pedals added.
  • Full red taillights: Park, Brake, and turn all in one.
  • Antenna options added: Roof / Roof + Trunk.
  • Police Light Bar and Concealed Flashers now have LEDs on the mirrors.
  • Full red taillights added with combined brake, turn, and running lamps.
  • Early Chrome grille with blacked out vertical slats.
  • Taxi Ad Carrier added.
  • New HPP configuration added.
  • Fairhaven PD skin from NFS.
  • Maine State Police skin added.
  • Bumper Trim: None, Chrome, Black. Added by “MSX98FMDnB”
  • New Badges: Crown Victoria, Crown Victoria LX. Added by “MSX98FMDnB”

You can download the mod from here.

Here’s how to install the mod:

  • Download the . ZIP file using the link above.
  • Do not unzip the file but copy it to your BeamNG mod directory – This is usually located in /Documents/
  • Activate the mod in the mod repository in the game

The Configurations:



4.1L I6, 4.6L V8 is the 4.5L V8 that performs a little closer to the Ford Modular 4.6L, 6.0L V8 Diesel, 3.9L V8, and the 3.5L V6.