A fan recreated Skyrim in The Sims 4

A fan recreated Skyrim in The Sims 4

YouTube streamer DrGluon recreated The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in The Sims 4 and shared a gameplay video.

DrGluon has practically introduced Whiterun (the city in Skyrim) to The Sims 4, which is sure to bring a smile to all fans of the Bethesda game.

The resemblance is truly incredible: there are even district buildings such as taverns and a tree in the center of Kiterun. The video lasts almost 40 seconds, but will not leave you indifferent.

Unfortunately, now there isn’t any way to download a mod of the game. Therefore, you can look at the crazy work of the streamer only in a short video.

You can watch the entire stream here.