the release date of the remake is scheduled for January 2023

It was definitely one interesting directthe one organized tonight by Motive Studio. As we all know, the artistic aspect plays a fundamental role in creating the right atmosphere in any horror game, and in the specific case of remake of Dead Space It’s nice to see how the team has been able to exploit the Frostbite engine to make the environments of the USG Ishimura, already deeply disturbing in 2008, even more immersive, giving them an aspect more in step with modern technology.

But, beyond all this, we do not doubt that many have tuned in because they hoped to obtain more precise information on the exit date of the Dead Space remake. Well, your prayers have been answered: Motive Studio has indeed revealed that the game will be released on January 27, 2023of course on PC, PS5 And Xbox Series X | S. For a more in-depth reveal, however, we will have to wait a few more months; to be precise, until next autumn. And what better way to get ready for Halloween?

Finally, here is one image gallery:

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