Swords of Legends Update 2.0 The Firestone Legacy.

Swords of Legends

The developers of Swords of Legends offer a look at the first three of the five new dungeons and a new raid that players will encounter in a large-scale update.

Each dungeon will be able to fight from five to ten people

These dungeons will have different levels of difficulty, which means that even players who have reached the maximum level will be able to test their strength.

Here are the dungeons that will soon appear in the game:

Firestone Grave of Dreams
  • Firestone Grave of Dreams: It is built in the form of a labyrinth and is full of traps so that thieves and other villains cannot disturb the sleep of their ancestors. At the very back of the tomb is the crypt of Sephan, which holds the secrets of the power of the Firestone clan.

Here, the players are waiting for the bosses: the Guardian of the Tomb of the Arsonist, the Stoneface Divine General, the Colossus Of Sefang and the mad Jiang Kanhua.

Rotting Grotto
  • Rotting Grotto. It was once the settlement of Jiachong. When Zhong Uchi tried to awaken the dragon vein in Changfu’s garden, his forge suddenly exploded, opening a rift connecting the forge and grotto. As a result of the explosion, a huge amount of negative qi infected the grotto, which led to a mutation of the Jiachong living in it.

Rotting Grotto bosses: Melting Gold Demon Spider, Obsidian Giant Mosquito, DemonIc Magnifyer, and Sword Master Yao’an.

Labyrinth of heavenly gates
  • Labyrinth of heavenly gates: Xiuxin, the master of Lanquan, created this place in such a way as to prevent any invasion of it. After Jung Uchi destroyed the labyrinth with the Nameless Sword and pierced its base, the power of the five elements contained in it plunged everything into chaos. The portals that open the way through the labyrinth have been damaged, and in order to get out of it, they must be restored.

Here you will meet the following bosses: Elemental Guardian, Lanren Instigator, Yin Xiangtian and The Ghost of the Spider Weaving Clouds.

As for the first raid update 2.0 for Swords of Legends Online, players will have to visit lanquan Bridge. Connecting the Labyrinth of heavenly gates with Lanquan, it looks as gorgeous as the sparkling lights of a celestial body. The long history of war between demons and immortals has resulted in it being destroyed and rebuilt countless times, and now many evil-intentioned creatures are trying to cross it to get into the immortal realm.

Update 2.0 The Firestone Legacy for MMORPG Swords of Legends Online will be released on February 24. On the same day, the game will become free and will be released in Russia and the CIS countries, and later in 2022 it will be translated into Russian.