Phil Spencer speaks out on the postponements of Starfield and Redfall to 2023

Phil Spencer responds diplomatically to Bethesda’s tweet announcing the postponements of Starfield and Redfall

Phil Spencera well-known name in the Xbox world and head of Microsoft’s video games section, commented on the recent announcement by Bethesda of the official referrals of Starfield And Redfall. Both games have been postponed to first half of 2023with specific dates that still seem premature to announce, creating some discontent among Xbox fans who couldn’t wait to play two long-awaited games.

Although many were expecting a postponement of Starfield And Redfall, however, the news created a stir within the community. For Xbox, the calendar year 2022 could close without being granted any exclusivity and it is a situation that has made several people turn up their noses.

Phil Spencer comments on the postponements of Starfield and Redfall

Obviously, Phil Spencer (who responded with a tweet on his official Twitter profile) tried to be as diplomatic as possible, while showing both his closeness to development teams and fans. She is certainly a well thought out move to try to calm people down and not take a real position. Below you can read the words of Spencer himself:

“These decisions are tough for both the teams that create the games and the fans. While I fully support giving the teams time to release these games when they are ready, we also listen to the comments. We are expected to deliver quality and consistency, so we will continue to work to best meet those expectations. “

Surely the delay is due to the fact that the teams need more time to create the games in the best possible way. However, over the next few months we will certainly receive updates in this regard, which will allow us to have a clear vision and to take stock of the situation regarding their development.