Odin: Valhalla Rising update roadmap 2022

Odin Valhalla Rising

Kakao Games has shared an update plan for MMORPG Odin: Valhalla Rising for 2022. From it you can find out what awaits the project in the future, because the game will soon appear on the global market.

According to the roadmap, Odin: Valhalla Rising in 2022 will get

  • New classes
  • A sixth story chapter
  • A fresh weapons form system
  • Content for development like protective stones,
  • New basic equipment,
  • PvP elements
  • Elite dungeons
  • New class skills and others.
Odin Valhalla Rising

In particular, content for the development of characters and new competitive functions will be released every month with patches. For example, they will add new interactions for groups and guilds, a new version of the joint game. There will also be a large-scale PvP mode “Battle for the capture of nodes”, where you need to occupy the base with guild squads to achieve victory, and the “Siege War” mode with the active use of climbing walls, riding mounts and flying.

A new system of forms for weapons will allow you to develop it and change its appearance, as well as gain new ability points. There will also be a collection of blessing stones, adding additional characteristics. Standard updates with balance adjustments and gameplay improvements are still expected.

So far, there is no information about the release date of this update. Later, the developers promise to share additional details.