Guide and passage of the quest “Romance Club. Heart of Trespia (season 2, episode 1) – all choices, decisions, and answers

Guide and passage of the quest “Romance Club. Heart of Trespia (season 2, episode 1) - all choices, decisions, and answers

A detailed guide to the passage of season 2 of the story “Heart of Trespia” in the interactive quest “Romance Club“. In this guide, you will find all the answers, solutions, and right choices to achieve the best ending.

Story Brief:

The young queen of Trespia escapes from her castle and embarks on a long journey to find the answer to why her kingdom is crumbling right in front of her eyes. The adventure outside the castle walls ends and she finds herself back in the throne room. During the absence of the queen, a relative usurped the throne, and the hall was replenished with various royal persons.

Chapter (episode) 1: Start over:

Characteristics that can be obtained in this chapter:

  • +1 Compassion or Rationality ;
  • +3 Influence ;
  • The maximum number of diamonds that can be spent in this chapter is 67.

You see the duke heading towards your throne. At this point, Princess Vanora addresses you and calls you “Princess” instead of “Queen”.

Choices: Does she really greet me? Or mocking?

  • Greetings, Princess Vanora (no effect);
  • Ignore it (no effect);
  • Rejoice in the crown while you can (-2 Influence ).

Path scene:

  • Path of Compassion  : Whatever the reasons, you cannot ignore your people’s pleas for help;
  • Path of Rationality  : You explain to Osmont that you did everything necessary to ensure the livelihood and security of your people.

Osmont explained that during your absence, quite a lot of petitions had accumulated on the table of the ruler, and diplomats could not get an audience and resolve important issues.

Choice: Uncle Osmont…

  • Protect your actions (no effect);
  • Admit your mistakes (+2 Influence );
  • Blame King Osmont and the Council (no effect).

Path scene:

  • Path of High Influence  : Queen Megaris believed your words;
  • Path of Low Influence  : Queen Megaris will say that her son did not know about your royal lineage. She chose to believe her son, not you.

In addition to having your crown and throne taken from you, now the members of the Council want to try you for treason. The duke and knight will also be punished.

Choices: This is not a circus…

  • I helped my people and gave them hope (+1 Compassion );
  • I found the answers and achieved my goals (+1 Rationality ).

Choice: Uncle Osmont…

  • Will I see you again? (King Osmont will not forget your affection for him);
  • I have nothing to tell you (no effect);
  • Go to hell! (King Osmont will not forget your hatred of him).

The adviser ordered that Wyatt be stripped of his armor and stripped of all his titles. The armor will be reforged for a truly worthy knight.

Choices: This is wrong, counselor…

  • Wyatt did nothing wrong (Your relationship with Wyatt improved!);
  • It is you who have no honor (no effect);
  • Spit at him (-2 Influence ).

Path scene:

  • Path of High Influence  : Rulers stood up for Wyatt;
  • Path of Low Influence : The other monarchs did not speak out against the punishment.

Choice: When you reached the bottom of the stairs, only the rulers of the five kingdoms stood before you.

  • Push forward (no effect);
  • Shout at the rulers (no effect);
  • Do Nothing (Your relationship with King D’Mario has improved!);
  • Push Queen Megaris (-2 Influence ).

Choices: Captain Gillot raised his golden whip high above his head…

  • Keep your eyes open (You will be able to read the scene in detail);
  • Close eyes.

Choice (you will only see this scene if your bond with Delia is very close): What? Not!

  • Kiss Delia (22 , Kiss Scene, +1 Delia , you will only unlock this decision if you are very dear to Delia);
  • Hug Delia (you will only see this scene if your relationship with Delia is very close);
  • Thank you for being there.

 Choose a hairstyle:

  • With ribbon (9 );
  • Half assembled (9 );
  • Simple curls.

 Choose clothes:

  • Pink linen dress (22 );
  • Gray-brown cotton dress (27 );
  • Black linen dress.

After changing your clothes and leaving the royal chambers, you went outside and met Captain Gillot, who was carrying his son in his arms.

Choice: Captain Gillot…

  • I will take care of him (+1 Influence );
  • Will you come with us? (no effect);
  • How could you do this to your own son? (no effect).

Choice: Well…

  • I don’t need any of this. I just need you (Your relationship with Reinhold has improved! +1 Reinhold );
  • A friend never hurts me (Your relationship with Reinhold has improved!);
  • I’m not queen anymore either (no effect).

Choices: Wyatt weighs a lot. Reinhold can’t do it alone…

  • Help Reinhold carry Wyatt (9 , your relationship with Reinhold has improved!);
  • Let Reinhold carry Wyatt on his own.

Path scene:

  • Path of Compassion  : You are determined to fight for Wyatt, your parents, and Trespia;
  • Path of Rationality  : You are focused on reclaiming the royal throne and taking revenge on your enemies.