Elex 2 Complete walkthrough

Elex 2 Complete walkthrough

Elex 2 is an action role-playing game from the studio Piranha Bytes. The player will have to explore the huge world for the hero of the war, Jax, and destroy the alien invaders. You will have to pick up a blade, strengthen old ties, and defeat hordes of enemies. In this guide, we will tell you in detail about the passage of tasks in Elex 2.

Prologue. How to escape monsters and find useful items

After watching the introductory video, we appear in the game world. At the fire we find useful items. Here we can cook the first meal – “fried meat”.

We go along the path, destroy the monster and pick up trophies, including the “symbol of Calaan.” Ahead we eliminate a couple of enemies and go out to the edge with a portal. After the cut-scene, we meet Adam. We ask the man about what happened and get a jetpack.

Please note that we are playing a positive character in Elex 2. In most cases, this is enough to select the topmost option in the dialogue. We also always agree to help people with their problems. All positive deeds reduce the level of destruction of the world.

We take things from the chest and go outside. We activate one of the main tasks. Each quest is divided into several small missions, and all the necessary points are marked on the map. In this chapter, the player will have to strengthen old ties, choose a faction and fix a personal fort.

Chapter 1 How to recover from an illness

Jax wants to be cured of his illness, so he needs to meet with Kaya. We follow the path and communicate with Tjalg. We find out where the main character’s wife is, and follow the marker to her. In a conversation with Kaya, we consistently select all available options and complete the tasks “Incognito” (the “Sixth Force” branch) and “Where is Kaya?”.

We activate the task “In Danger” and follow the son. We talk with the boy and with Asgar. We take the child to the Bastion to complete the task. At this stage, there will be no more tasks in the Infected branch.

We move deeper into the settlement and talk to Adam. In the “Sixth Force” branch, the “Preparing the Bastion” and “Strong Alliances” quests are activated. The current quest chain will end after talking to Adam in the second chapter.

Chapter 1 How to complete the quest

To complete this task, the hero needs to get to a large city. Also, the mission will automatically end after the successful completion of the “Access to the Fort” quest.

Chapter 1. The sixth power. How to Prepare for an Invasion

In this large chain of tasks, the player will have to fix the fort and search for allies to jointly eliminate foreign invaders. Now you need to complete the tasks “The Mage of All Magadan”, “Preparing the Bastion”, “Enemy Scouts” and “Strong Alliances”. After that, we return to Adam and talk to Tjalg again. We inform him about all the available comrades and go to the task “Reliable Companions”. After its completion, we communicate with Tyalg and Adam. This will complete the quest chain.

Chapter 1. Magician of all Magadan. How to destroy bandits

The task is activated after the first conversation with Kaya. We go to the marker and destroy the five bandits. It is not recommended to follow to their camp immediately after receiving the task, as the level of enemies is noticeably higher. After killing the bandits, the subquest “Only a dead morcon …” will end. We return to Kaya and complete the task. We select all options and use the replica “Follow me” to join the girl on the squad.

Chapter 1. Preparation of the Bastion. How to fix the base

In this chain of tasks, the player needs to repair the fortress. After completing the quests “Spring Cleaning”, “So Many Questions”, “Builder Required” and “Commander for the New Army”, we go to the Bastion to Adam. We report to him about the work done. After that, the quest chain will be completed.

Chapter 1. Spring cleaning. How to complete the task

We follow the markers and destroy five animals. We return to Adam and get a new task.

Chapter 1 So many questions. How to complete the quest

This quest is activated when you meet Dex during the preparation of the fortress. The boy follows his father. The task will end on its own after completing several story missions in the Bastion.

Chapter 1. A builder is required. Where to find hammer and limestone

We go to the label and talk with Gardok. We offer him protection and go in search of tools. The easiest way to find the builder’s hammer is by the northwest mark. We kill a couple of animals and pick up the tool. Open the map and use the button to quickly return to the camp.

Now you need to find a limestone quarry. It is located very close to the builder’s house. We defeat a powerful animal and grab limestone of high concentration. We return to the builder in the Bastion to complete the task.

Chapter 1. Commander for the new army. How to change the head of an outpost

Teleport to the point “Heart of the World in Western Karakis” and communicate with Tyalg. We follow east to the Fort. The guard will not let the hero through. With a high level of power, we can threaten a man or try to bribe him. Both options will not work and the player will have to go to two inhabitants of the surrounding lands and offer their help.

The task “Access to the Fort” is activated. After completing it, we talk at the entrance to the fortress with a man and ask him to replace Tjalga at the post. We return to the soldier at the outpost and complete the task.

Chapter 1. Access to the Fort. How to get to the city of berserkers

After completing this chain of tasks, the hero will be able to get to the Fort. To do this, you will have to complete the task “Work for Hlamer”. You can also complete the quest “Work for Thorgild”, but its successful completion will not help you get to the base.

After inspecting the mines and completing the “Work for the Junkman” quest, we get to the main gate of the Fort. We talk with Gardok to complete the task. You can also agree with the proposal of the Fist and get acquainted with the territory of the base.

Chapter 1 How to help farmers

We follow the girl and wait for the end of the dialogue. We agree to help and go to the gatekeeper at the entrance to the Fort. There will be no tools, so we return back to Thorgild and get the Simple Berserker Clothes armor (+12 to armor) as a reward.

Chapter 1 How to inspect the mine

We follow the marker and after a short conversation with the man, we go southeast to the mines. With an insufficient level of development of the hero on the road, we carefully bypass a detachment of bandits and mines on the ground. We study the bodies of workers at the entrance to the mines and return back to Khlamer. We examine the crevice near the house – we will find a jackhammer for mining ore and useful materials. After talking with the man, access to the Fort will be obtained. We leave for Fenris and complete the task.

Chapter 1. Enemy scouts. How to complete the task

Having reached the marker, we kill all opponents. It will be problematic to do this without allies in the first hours of the game. It is recommended to capture an assistant or pump the character on secondary tasks.

Chapter 1. Strong alliances. Which quest to complete

In this chain of missions, the player will have to talk to the leaders of the groups and try to unite the disparate gangs. To complete the quest, you must complete the “Common Path” and “Tough Negotiations” tasks.

Chapter 1 How to join a faction

After completing the “Access to the Fort” quest, we went to Fenris to enlist the support of the berserkers. In the future, it will not be possible to change the selected faction, so make your decision wisely and be sure to leave one additional save before joining the faction. After completing the tasks “Trust of the Berserkers” and “Audience with the Rat”, the hero will be able to join the brotherhood. To do this, just ask the leader of the berserkers about it.

Chapter 1 How to find bases of groups

In this task, the hero will have to go to various gangs and talk to their leaders. Markers will help you find each base. It is not necessary to complete the task, as well as to talk to each leader. therefore, it is enough to join one of the factions and return to Adam in the Bastion. We tell him all the information received and follow to Tjalgu. You can also refuse to join the fraternity and report this to Adam at the base.

Please note that after choosing a faction, some faction tasks will not be available. Location of fractions from the Bastion:

  1. To the west are berserkers .
  2. In the northwest – clerics .
  3. In the southeast are Morcons .
  4. In the northeast – outcasts .
  5. In the far north – Albs .

Chapter 1. Reliable satellites. How to complete the task

In this task, you need to send Kaya and the battle droid KRONY to Bastion. Since Kaya has already joined the group, we follow in search of a robot in the quest Rusty Buckets on the Wrong Path.

Chapter 1 How to find the KRONY drone

We teleport to the point “Heart of the World in Western Karakis” and follow the marker. We ask an old friend about the events that took place. After the cut-scene, we return to the Bastion.