Elden Ring: where to find the wolf at Siofra’s River Spring and more

Elden Ring: where to find the wolf at Siofra's River Spring and more

Elden Ring is a new game from From Software, the authors of the Dark Souls trilogy. When exploring the open world, you can activate optional tasks. They reveal the plot and add new details to the local lore, and sometimes open access to additional locations. True, during the execution of such quests it is far from always obvious what needs to be done and where to go. In this guide, we will tell you where to find the wolf in the Siothra River Spring.

Why you need to look for a wolf at the Siofra River Spring

The quest associated with this animal will appear if you choose to serve the witch Ranni. In a separate guide, we told how to find her and whether it is worth agreeing to her offer. In addition, you can learn about the conditions required to start the quest chain for this character.

Elden Ring: Siofra

If Ranny didn’t appear, return to Melina, who gave you the horse. Talk to her until the dialogues begin to repeat, then return to Elle’s temple. Keep in mind that the witch will disappear in the second half of the game, so don’t put off completing her quests.

Ranny will ask you to find Bladed. You will find him in the east of Limgrave, next to the Small Erd Tree. You can navigate on our map.

Elden ring : Bladed on map

Bladed will say that he is heading to the well near the river Siofra. You should not wait for him or go along with him – immediately go to this point.

Where is the wolf in the Siofra River Spring

We indicated the location of the desired source on the map.

wolf in the Siofra River Spring

Once you’re there, use the elevator to go underground. Activate the place of grace and move forward. Go up the stairs, then turn right and activate the elevator. When you get up, run strictly straight until you see a ladder with flaming pillars. Near the right column is a card that is worth picking up.

wolf in the Siofra River Spring

Then run to the left, along the cliff, until you see Bladed. Talk to him. He will advise you to find the old wizard Seluvis, who is located in the Kariya estate. If you go there, then continue the storyline of the Witch Ranni. Seluvis himself would eventually prove to be a valuable seller of rare goods.

But the story of the wolf itself does not end there.

Elden Ring

How to get Bladed’s armor

There is a way to get his armor in the game. To do this, you need to go through the Ranny storyline to the end. After freeing her soul, return to the witch’s tower. Bladed will be waiting for you outside. He will act as a mini-boss. His attacks are slow, so they are easy to dodge. You should only be afraid of wolf jumps. As soon as he took off – move back as far as possible. After defeating Bladed, you will receive his armor and sword.