Dying Light 2 Moonshine Quest unlock – TUTORIAL

Dying Light 2 MoonShine safe

Dying Light 2 side quests often require you to retrieve various objects for certain characters. Although many of them are quite simple, others, like Moonshine, require knowing the right safe code to reach whatever the coveted item might be.

The Moonshine side mission in Dying Light 2 appears only if you avoid fighting Jack and Joe during the Water Tower main quest. This may be difficult to complete once you meet them, but if you don’t dropkick them, you may continue the quest later by being kind to them when you find them imprisoned inside the Peacekeepers base.

Dying Light 2 (Jack and Joe)
Dying Light 2 (Jack and Joe)

The two inform you that you must retrieve Cillian’s moonshine. To do so, you’ll need to open a safe and enter the correct safe code, which is “the year America was found.” Joe begins to tell you it, but it’s not difficult to figure out.

However, if you’d rather spend all of your time parkouring around Villedor while murdering a lot of zombies, keep reading for the Moonshine safe code.

Here is the moonshine Safe code: 14-9-2

Dying Light 2 (Jack and Joe)
Dying Light 2

That’s what you need to know about Dying Light 2’s Moonshine safe code.