Dying Light 2 – How to get the secret bike

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human players have the opportunity to run on the roofs of buildings, climb high obstacles and even fly a paraglider. In addition, you can also find a special transport – a bicycle. In this guide we will tell you where to find a bike in the open world.

1.How to get a bike using the developer menu

The developers have provided an opportunity for all players to use a special menu to customize the gameplay. With the help of the developers’ menu, you can get various items, including a bicycle.

To unlock the menu, you need to download this archive and follow these steps:

  • Unzip the files to any location on your hard drive.
  • Copy the contents of the ph folder from the archive to Disk:/Steam/steamapps/common/Dying Light 2.
  • Launch the game and press “Esc” to open the developer menu.
Dying Light 2 Developer's Menu

You will see a list of available sections. Select “Items” and type “EasterEgg_Bicycle” on your keyboard without quotation marks. Since the item cannot be placed in the inventory, double-click the paintwork to make Aiden get on the bike.


2.How to Find All the Red Ducks and Unlock the Secret Challenge with Your Bike

Traveling through the open world you can find locked safes with different loot. In several safes there are special items – “red ducks”. Below we have told you where to find all the items and unlock the challenge with your bike.

Ducks must be selected, otherwise the test will not be available. It also happens that you can not interact with some objects (the “take” button does not appear). In this case, we recommend using a quick move to the nearest metro station or trying to load the last save.

Quarry End

The first item you will find in a two-story house in the south of the location. Open the drawer in front of the bed to find the note with the code (22-67-66)..

Dying Light 2 ,Quarry End

New Down Park

The next duck is in the apartment of one of the houses, next to the fisheye diner. You will get here for the first time on the plot task “Orders”, but you can explore this area at any time. The code from the safe is “10-28-64”

Dying Light 2 ,New Down Park


A duck safe is located in a truck at the intersection of Downtown and Wharf. Get to the place marked on the map and find part of the destroyed bridge. The letter with the code is on the table in a red folder – “74-17-76”

Dying Light 2 ,Downtown


You need to get to the military container at the intersection of two regions – Whorf and Muddy Grounds. The door is opened with the VGM key, and inside you will find a note with a code and a safe. The code from the safe is “10-10-10”

Dying Light 2 , Wharf

St. Paul’s Island

Another red duck is hidden in an army container in the southernmost part of the location. Exploring this area you will stumble upon an anomaly of VGM, and in front of it will be a container. Inside you will find a letter with the code – “85-19-45”

Dying Light 2 , St. Paul's Island

Newfound Lost Lands

This duck is hidden in a coffee shop on the edge of the island. You will find a letter with the code under the counter. The code from the safe is “4-5-9”

Dying Light 2 ,Newfound Lost Lands

Willedor Dam

You can get to this area after you get to the central part of the city. Near the dam, you need to find a bus with a generator and a tower. Climb the tower to find an email with a secure code (9-6-6). A safety deposit box is available on the bus.

Dying Light 2 ,Willedor Dam

After you collect all the ducks, the parkour test “Bicycle” will become available. In this challenge, you need to choose one of the bikes and drive through all the checkpoints. We can note that the test is difficult, since you can not jump with a bicycle. There will also be various obstacles on the track.

You don’t have to complete a quest to get a bike in the open world. Activate the quest, take the bike and hold down the corresponding key to complete the challenge. In this case, you will find the bike in the same place where you left it for the last time.