Days Gone: Ambush Camp N4: Black Crater guide

Days Gone is certainly not a title you can forget about, it is an exclusive initial Sony which dates back to 2019 and which still captures the attention of many users today. If you don’t have a company console, however, you don’t have to worry, as it is now also available on PC at the behest of the company.

The reasons why the game is still hugely successful are certainly not difficult to understand: the plot is well studied, the gameplay much more than varied, the characteristic characters and the whole is seasoned with an indefinite amount of infected and other strange creatures that you will discover as you continue on your adventure!

Either way, we’re not here to praise the title but to bring you back the fourth in a series of interesting guides that will guide you step by step in finding and destroying all Ambush Camps scattered around the map and obviously in finding the bunkers present in them.

Currently the first guide is available here that we recommend you to view, here the second and finally here the third, in any case if you are curious to know everything about this field, stay with me and i will guide you step by step in the enterprise!

Days Gone how to conquer Black Crater!

Before starting, as in any guide relating to the fields, I want to specify why it is so important to conquer these areas. In the first place no one will ambush you anymore making your life difficult.

Just to understand, no more wires tied to two trees that will make you fall off the bike, no more snipers lurking and hidden and so on and no more traps that will leave you dangling on some tree.

Secondly, you will unlock the display of new map areas and weapons, but above all you will get a quick travel point that will make your life a lot easier. In short, the advantages are many, so no more chatter and let’s get started!

Days Gone screenshot

Today is Black Crater’s turn, but the region changes and we move from Cascade to Belknap, as a result things will start to get more interesting from now on! Arm yourself well before proceeding, as there will be enemies with helmets and traps scattered all over the place.

I also recommend that you stock up on ammunition. It will also be very useful to have a silencer for your beloved pistol, so as not to alert the whole camp. No more chatter and here’s where you need to go as the Days Gone map is certainly not small to explore:

Days Gone

Here is the list of rewards that you can get if you clear the area:

Hot Springs Camp confidence points 750
credits: 1200
experience points: 1500
recipe for crafting: Bat Ax

Before entering the territory in question I recommend that you unlock some fast travel pointsso that you don’t struggle too much to go back and forth.

In any case, once you arrive, I recommend that you park at a cautious distance and walk to your destination. In fact, if you go by motorbike, you will alert those present and immediately unleash a shooting that could result in your departure.

Having said that, as usual I want to give you some quick advice:

  1. Unlock the skill that will allow you to highlight nearby enemies as soon as possible
  2. Before launching your attack, scan the area with binoculars and mark all visible enemies
  3. Use your knife wisely by assaulting as many enemies as possible in a stealth manner
  4. Don’t get encircled by continuing to move
  5. Use tall grass and bushes to stay hidden.

Once the local resistance is crushed, all you have to do is look for the bunker. Rest assured, even in this case I want to help you, telling you that the bunker will be in the back of the camp, near a big fire.

Days Gone

Once you get underground, go to the farthest room of the bunker and take possession of the map placed on the table. Once this is done, as usual you can see that by opening the Days Gone map, your current location will be marked with a fast travel marker.

There is nothing more to say. We just have to give you an appointment at the next guide related to Days Gone!