Crypto Golf Impact is Neowiz’s First Play&Earn game

Crypto Golf Impact

Crypto Golf Impact is a game that applies blockchain technology in the sports mobile game Golf Impact. With simple operation, you can enjoy real-time PVP with players, and the delicately adjustable hitting and spinning gives people the feeling of actually playing a golf game.

The P&E (Play and Earn) game Crypto Golf Impact, currently developed by NEOWIZ, unveiled a roadmap on the 15th.

the roadmap includes the direction and schedule of services to be carried out in 2022, starting from the global listing in march.

Crypto Golf Impact Road map

Crypto Golf Impact is based on neopin, a blockchain open platform, and the token used in the game is called “S2 Token”. Enjoy the game to get “crystal” goods that can be converted into S2 tokens. S2 tokens can be exchanged for “NEOPIN Tokens (NPT)”, which can be used not only for in-app purchases, but also for subsequent updates of NFT items.

A distribution of S2 tokens is also planned for free before the official listing. Available through a lottery campaign for users in the official Crypto Golf Impact community such as Twitter and Facebook. In March, liquidity mining using S2 tokens will be introduced on the Neopin platform to expand the use of game tokens.


NEOWIZ signed a contract with the blockchain network Klaytn in order to activate P&E. Also in order to stabilize the market launch of games that have been listed since “Crypto Golf Impact”, we will cooperate in the field of marketing.

A roadmap for Crypto Golf Impact is available on the official page, and it is also possible to confirm the white paper 1.0 version that includes the token economy.