Intel enters the cryptocurrency market


Blockchain is definitely one of the most interesting technologies that have been created and popularized in recent years. As it turns out, another technology giant – Intel, which is known mainly for processors for PCs, intends to mark its presence on the cryptocurrency market. The manufacturer also announces tools that will help extract “digital money”.

Intel will make itself at home in the cryptocurrency market

Blockchain allows you to organize any transactions or payments for cryptocurrencies such as ETH or Bitcoin, enabling the implementation of complex operations in a completely automatic way. This technology also gives many people the opportunity to sell or exchange tokens. NFT, which are becoming more and more popular.

More and more corporations see this as a real chance to earn money. For example, Intel also intends to contribute to the development of blockchain networks. Most importantly, the company not only wants to reap the benefits of taking, but also to offer something in return. Intel is expected to launch special blockchain accelerators, i.e. microcircuits, which will be created only for cryptocurrency mining.


These will not be typical graphics cards such as the series NVIDIA CMP HX, which are actually based on Ampere GPUs designed for computer games as well as content creation. Intel’s blockchain accelerator is to be the result of the work of various teams – specialized in cryptography and in the design of low-voltage chips that do not consume huge amounts of energy.

Intel expects the upcoming chip to have up to 1,000 times higher performance per watt compared to classic GPUs in the SHA-256 algorithm. Therefore, it is supposed to provide higher performance, with lower electricity consumption – however, as we can guess, this is unlikely to cause miners to abandon the previous solution in favor of the Intel Blockchain accelerator.

The manufacturer informedthat GRIID, BLOCK and Argo Blockchain are among the first customers to place orders for the chip. More information about the upcoming chip will be announced as part of the ISSCC conference, which is expected to take place later this month.